The Beginning

From 14 to 24 years of age I found myself embedded in the gritty world of blue-collar labor. Every day felt like it took ages to pass by, it was a grind not only mentally, but physically.

One of the big issues I faced was finding gear that could stand up to the harsh treatment it was put through.

I was in the midst of this dilemma when fate dealt it’s hand – a fellow worker, a sage of sorts, a beacon of eccentricity amidst the sea of uniformity – ‘Wild Bill’ was his name.

Wild Bill wasn’t just a colleague; he was a living legend, known for his outlandish antics and seemingly infinite repository of bizarre stories. Wild Bill once decided to test the durability of his riding lawn mower by driving it to and from work for an entire winter. We thought he was broke, but one of our co-workers saw him at the local watering hole in his brand new Toyota Tacoma. He simply wanted to test the capabilities of his lawn mower. That was ‘Wild Bill’.

Despite being an absurd human, Wild Bill was respected for his opinion when it came to reliable workwear and equipment. It was Wild Bill who first introduced me to Carhartt, well before it became a trendy brand. Wild Bill use to proclaim Carhartt as his ‘armor of choice’ which made me roll my eyes, but it did have truth to it.

Comically it was under the tutelage of ‘Wild Bill’ that my journey into the world of buy it for life began.

The Middle

That canvas Carhartt jacket that ‘Wild Bill’ recommended was a revelation–a beacon of durability amidst a world of poor quality clothing that might as well be single use. It might sound crazy but that single purchase set my soul ablaze, reshaping not just my wardrobe but my entire approach to shopping. Quality. Above all else.

However; in a world with cheap knockoffs and poor craftsmanship finding quality can feel like hunting for a diamond in a coal mine. I couldn’t hide my passion for quality goods, so when friends and family were making a big purchase, I became the go-to guy for an opinion. Eventually I started getting repeat questions:

“What is the best chef’s knife?”

“Which pots & pans should I buy?”

“Who makes the best luggage?”

This is how the buy it for life master list was born.

The blueprint for what you see on the homepage now.


Fast forward to January of 2016. This is where my entrepreneurship journey began.

I started a few different content websites but most of them were to just make some money.

None of them were my passion.

Buy it for life is my passion.

I have big things planned for buyitforlife.com

  1. The master list has hundreds of entries. I want to get that to thousands (that’s if that many products reach my quality standards).
  2. I want to do individual video and article reviews for every product. This is an insane amount of work so please be patient.
  3. I want to create a community of like minded individuals who can share their opinions as well.

I have more plans beyond that but that’s all I want to share for now. I hope you enjoy the website and can feel my passion for the buy it for life movement.